China Xiamen Temple Architecture and Design Fair

Time: 2022/05/12 - 16

Venue: Xiamen International Conference Exhibition Center

Scale: 10000㎡

Contact: 86-592-5959618


With the development of Chinese culture in the past two thousand years, Temple Architecturein Chinahave been continuously developed and enriched through accumulation, leaving usplenty of precious heritage.By fitting in today’s culture, the style of temple architecture will further develop and innovate, keeping pace with the times.

In modern times, most temple architecture show the characteristics of contemporary architecture,andembody Buddhist spirit in modern space layout. It is more flexible in function, and make use of modern design concept and material technology.

Based on China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair’s support, focusing on the area of temple architecture, China Xiamen Temple Architecture and Design Fair will be heldon May 06 to 10, 2021. China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair was founded in 2006.

Exhibits Range: 

Temple Architecture

Temple Plan

Landscape Architecture Design

Stone & Copper Carvings

Temple Decoration

Paintings & plaques

Temple Repair

In today's cultural context, being the first fair focuses on temple architecture. It will concentrate on new crafts, new materials and new designs, and bring the industry representatives and enterprises together into a professional platform. It enables the supplier and the user to communicate more directly and smoothly, making the temple building not only reasonable, but also suitable for the needs of the audience. Chinese buddhist temple architecture demonstrates aesthetic characteristics of harmony, integration and symmetry of ancient Chinese palace architecture. It integrates painting, sculpture, art, culture, history, folk customs and other aspects. All are endowed with beauty of historic civilization which is worthwhile to admire with heart.

Concurrent featured events, such as Architecture Forum and Educational Sessions, will be held. Perfect combination of exhibit display and conference, will accelerate the communication and cooperation among exhibitors and visitors. China Xiamen Temple Architecture and Design Fair 2020 will be held simultaneously with China Xiamen International Buddhist Items & Crafts Fair 2020. Tens of thousands of monks from home and abroad will be invited to enjoy the grand event. It’s a great opportunity to accurately develop target customers and exploit new business.


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