Xiamen International Optics Fair

Time: 2023/11/23 - 25

Venue: Xiamen International Conference Exhibition Center

Website: http://www.xmiof.cn

China Xiamen International Optics Fair

——November 24-26, 2022——


Recent years, China's economy has developed positively. The domestic glasses production rising year by year, glasses and parts exports rising year on year. Xiamen, adjacent to Taiwan, expanded glasses manufacturing industry prosperity, and has set up a form with sunglasses as the main body, same time frames, optical lenses, instruments and equipment, such as category of industry cluster, built from materials, parts, electroplating, into a mirror and packaging to the wholesale and retail of complete industrial chain.

Based on large glasses market in the world, as well as the broad prospects for the development of the industry, relying on Xiamen "China Sunglasses Production Base", "Brand Glasses Production Base", China Xiamen International Optics Fair (abbreviated as Xiamen Optics Fair) will be held on November 24-26, 2022 in Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. The exhibition scale more than 50000 square meters, set 1500 international standard booths. With the purpose to "booster Chinese brand and develop the industry", Xiamen Optics Fair will gather the industry leaders, whole industry products, focused on the cutting edge information, grasping the direction of the wind, radiation global market.

Time: Nov 24-26, 2022

Add:Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center,China

Organizer: Xiamen Optometric & Optical Association, Xiamen Conference & Exhibition Group Inc.

(Holding Company of Xiamen C&D Corporation Limited)

Exhibition Area: 50,000㎡ 

Highlights of Xiamen Optics Fair 2022

Brand gathering, trade together

China as the world's leading glasses producer and exporter, has a group of leading enterprises with highly market insight and brand marketing force.

In addition to Xiamen leading brands, Xiamen Optics Fair will also invite leading enterprises and brand of Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Danyang, Taizhou, Wenzhou, Yingtan, to show the high quality new products.

Buyers seeking, investment matching

Through resources sharing with domestic leading enterprise and integrating of industry resources, Xiamen Optics Fair will strengthen the on-site business matching effect with high quality professional buyers.

For one thing, enterprises will hold Brand Ordering Meeting to invite hundreds of thousands of strength agents to show on site. For another, the organization committee will invite professional buyers through point-to-point precise invitations. Xiamen Optics Fair will create a win-win situation, to attract thousands of industry insiders to attend the exhibition.

Xiamen Optics Fair aims to be the impetus of the development of whole industry while seeking to output high quality exhibition service, make trade matching opportunity, helps enterprise accurate docking customers and to develop potential market.

refreshing brand, revealing Intelligence in China

Focusing on building a platform of brand expanding, public praise improving, Xiamen Optics Fair devotes itself to developing brands of the glasses making. Through the fair, enterprises can release new products while enhance brand awareness. Furthermore, enterprises can draw inspiration through observing the new product launch and the new trend with the original design.

From “Made in China”to “Intelligent manufacturing in China”, Xiamen Optics Fair will provide Chinese glasses the brand development of the enterprise with strong driving force and effective way of thinking, promote the comprehensive development of Chinese brands in the world.

Build a display platform, focusing on fashion trend.

Along with the rapid change of the national consumption idea, glasses consumption is no longer limited to single medical needs. Modern consumers have more diversified and personalized glasses needs of glasses.

Multiple activities as New Launch, Cutting-edge Design Show, Fashion Trends such as multiple surprise glasses industry will further connection with art design, intelligent household and other fields, each assigned to many areas, inject vigor for glasses design of continuous innovation, leading Chinese glasses enterprise to high-end, fashionable change, brand multiple prestige.

Multiple activities, new opportunities

Leading experts, scholars, founders will gather on Xiamen Optics Fair dialogue on new things and new trends of the whole industry to the development of glasses brand, seeking innovation and leading industry direction.

Diversity supporting activities will help enterprises to improve ability to cope with the change, and to explore new bureau while understanding industry trends and meeting the common demand.

All media publicity, attract industry attention

With all-round, multi-dimensional publicity channels, Xiamen Optics Fair will help enterprises to quickly grab market opportunities. Besides using common and traditional way of publicity, in-depth publicity will also be taking advantage of new media channels, to ensure that the exhibitors and trade cooperation, brand promotion and so on the multiple effect, and will also help enterprise appear on industry stage and show brand image.

Timely delivery of high quality newsletters and WeChat, help customers exhibition exhibition multimate easily newsletters

Positive linkage with industry professional media, highly focusing on the fair to enhance the brand influence of the industry

Orientation on new mess media such as WeChat, Toutiao, cinema advertising to promote Xiamen fair and brands.