China Xiamen International Tea Beverage Industry Fair

Time: 2022/05/12 - 16

Venue: XICEC

Scale: 12000㎡

Contact: 86-592-5959888


China is rich in tea resources for both loose leaf and relative statistics. In 2018, there were over 180,000 new tea shops running in the country, and spread across the corners of various cities. The potential market of tea beverage is huge. Xiamen as the most important distribution center for international trading of tea industry for more than 100 years had a close relationship with tea. Nowadays, with the in-depth popularity of new global tea, as an economically developed port tourism city, various tea shops are running in Xiamen. 

After ten years of development, China Xiamen International Tea Industry Fair has become the benchmark for professional exhibitions. The accumulated amount of merchant resources related to the tea industry is considerable. In order to promote the strong development of the domestic and foreign tea beverage industry, China Xiamen International Tea Beverage Industry Fair 2021 will be held in conjunction with China Xiamen International Tea Industry Fair 2021(Spring Edition). The total scale of the exhibition will reach 63,000㎡.

The fair will be held on May 6-10, the producer and purchaser of the industry at home and abroad could be perfectly match at this platform.

Review 2019:

China Xiamen International Tea Beverage Industry Fair 2019 was successfully held on May 9-13. The exhibition area had reached 5000 m2, with high quality exhibitors which are famous for tea beverage and raw material industry. Along with Xiamen Tea Fair, the fair had attracted more than196,000 professional purchasers from 49 countries and regions in total.


·High-end Tea Beverage &Raw Material Procurement Platform
With the indepth popularity of new global teas, the potential of raw materials matket of tea beverage is huge.Due to the development of tea beverage, start from 2020, Xiamen Tea Beverage Fair will focus on the market of newly beverage industry.

·A Global Platform of Tea Beverages’Industry

The organizing committee has established good relationship with relative governmental organizations, associations and important producing areas of tea beverages raw material, including Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Nepal, Japan, Germany, etc.Moreover,Xiamen’s special geological and historical relation with Taiwan makes Xiamen Tea Beverage Fair the most important demonstration and communication channel to Taiwanese tea beverage industry.

·New Packaging & Design, Gathering Together for a Grand Event

Xiamen Tea Packaging & Design Fair is dedicated to integrating the latest resources of whole tea packaging industry.

·Branding, Promotion and Chain Stores  
Relative enterprises can define the fair as a chance to promote their brand to the market, and seek new partnerships.
·Various and Splendid Supporting Events

Splendid and various special eventsincluding Tea Beverage Culture Gallery, Tea Beverage Carnival,and Tea Beverage Packaging & Design Forum will be held during the fair period.

Exhibits Range:
Tea Beverage Related Raw Materials, etc.
Herbal Tea, Fruit Tea, Flavored Tea, etc.
Tea Bag, Tea Powder, Instant tea, Canned tea etc.
Brand Franchise, Beverage Formula Customization, etc.
Tea Beverage Packaging and Machinery, etc.
Related Tea Beverage Wares, Special appliances, etc
Tea Beverage Machinery, Teapresso Machine, Milk TeaPresso, Coffee Machine, Cleaning Machine, etc.
Related Tea Space Design


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